I have one or two promo codes to use, how do I use them?
After logging in, in the members area you will see the menu. Click "--Promo Codes--". Then put in the promo code.

My promo code did not work, why?
Everyone gets the promo code: "TOPDOMINO" for now. Any other type of promo code was issued to an upgraded member to give out. UNLESS THEY REFERRED YOU, their promo code will not work. So if Jane referred you but Joe was the member issued that promo code, then it will not work unless you actually signed up under Joe. They are of exclusive use.

I'm upgraded where do I get my exclusive promo code to give out to new signups?
After logging in, in the members area you will see the menu. Click "Referral Urls/Banners". On the email ad example, it will list your promo code there.

Can I earn commissions/money for free?
Yes, all members earn $7 a sale and there are several available methods.

Where is the support link?
On member pages you will see the link "Support" listed under the banners that are being displayed.

How do I remove my account?
If you do not want to be in NO EMAIL mode (change this on the link "Edit Account"), then go to the link "Edit Account" and scroll down to see the remove link.

My banner was denied, why?
Every time a banner is denied, a reason is listed in the color red. Delete it then correctly list it. (without html and WITH http://). Sometimes they are listed backwards also.

I upgraded but it did not upgrade me yet?
Please know I will manually upgrade you, I get notices if someone gets their account upgraded or not after ordering.

Do solo ads or my downline mailer take my credits?
No, it just attaches credits for you without using yours.

How do I collect more banner time? And do they show unlimited views & clicks?
You just click other members banners and ALOT of the time you will find red domino's and win time. You get unlimited clicks and views on yours until time runs out.

How do I collect more email ad credits?
You just click other members email ads, you can ALSO find green domino's to win extra!